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Hey guys,

I’ve got some cajun food, an outfit under $100 from head to toe and some strong women to talk about today!

Hmm where do I start?!

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Let me give you guys a little background on this hidden gem Buffi’s Peauxboys! The owner and master chef of Buffi’s, Buffi Kocik, is the sister of another gal pal of mine, Paige Vidrine. Long story short, I met Paige while doing makeup for her best friends wedding.  When someone is in my makeup chair I sometimes get a little insight into their lives. Right away I could tell how thoughtful and hardworking she was. After that, Paige’s little boy ended up on my son Rafe’s wee-ball team! Small world we live in. Paige is a single mom with two kiddos who kills it in the restaurant business and many other ventures. Genuinely one of the most positive people I’ve met.  After being around Paige and learning about how she grew up working in her family’s restaurants in SWLA learning from her older sister’s experience, I quickly realized the family of strong women she came from.

This family is full of some hard-working people truly doing something they love and sharing it with the community around them. So back to Buffi, (Paige’s Sister). I stole this next part from Paige  😉

“Buffi” Kocik was born into poverty-stricken circumstances. She grew up for years watching her mother work tirelessly to put food on the table. Because of the long hours her mom spent away from home, Buffi  took it upon herself at a young age to prepare dinner for her sister’s every night. She quickly realized that she was a gifted cook and over the years she pursued her passion in the kitchen. She naturally became the “family chef”. To make a living, she worked with her mother to establish what is now a thriving seafood restaurant. In 2013, she decided to venture off on her, to put her business skills and passions to play. Buying a small start-up poboy shop, she changed the name to Buffi’s Peauxboys and modified the menu to include her famous Gourmet Peauxboys, homemade soups, salads and desserts. All the while she was working 10-12 hour days, she would go home to her special needs daughter and two older children to put food on the table for them. She’s a woman with so much love in her heart that it’s poured out into the kitchen. Her hard work, passion and persistence has created the delicious delicacies that you taste today.”

Buffi’s  rocked my world when it comes to poboys. The poboy pictured is the Crawfish Peauxboy. Crawfish, corn, potatoes and covered in crawfish sauce inside of a fresh-baked bread.  For dessert I had to have their homemade strawberry shortcake! It was a hard decision with bread budding and banana pudding on the menu as well!


If you are looking for a great Cheat day experience this is where it is at! 


Onto the outfit! This look was less than a $100 from head to toe.

I always find affordable pieces that are on trend at Forever 21!

Cabby Hats are a huge trend this year. This one is under $13 Burgundy Cabby Hat

This body suit was under $10. They have tons of variations of this in store and online. This is a piece you could wear with a ton of other things!

These jeans are some of my favorite. Under $30 bucks. I love that button fly jeans have made a comeback. These come in a few different washes. I’m wearing Denim. Buttoned High-Rise Skinny Jeans

Shoessss!!! Always my favorite accessory. These are Steve Madden. I snagged these for under $40.   I’m all about buckles this fall! I just can’t get enough! Steve Madden Shani-S Shoe

Bargain Shopper tip:

No one wants their inbox constantly flooded with emails from websites buttt…. if you have a favorite brand always sign up for their email list. You will get notifications when they have sales online and you will get killer deals like I did with these! They were 70 percent off! I watched and waited and man was it worth the wait! Guess what?! They are still on sale!

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Thanks for hanging with me! 🙂

XOXO  Jess

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  1. Kacie
    September 14, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    Great post my friend. I definitely am going to check this place out! And 70percent off!! Like what!!

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