Crying Eagle Brewing

Hey guys,

If you haven’t visited Crying Eagle Brewery  you are missing out on the coolest place in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Crying Eagle is a tap room and craft beer brewery centered in the heel of the boot. My girlfriends and I took a tour and spent some time hanging out trying some of their awesome brews! I love wine but Beer has always been a love of mine! 

The atmosphere at Crying Eagle is like no other in Lake Charles. You even feel like you are tucked away in the woods somewhere off the beaten path while in town. I encourage you to stop by, take a tour, meet some of the great people that make Crying Eagle Brewing Company and enjoy some of their awesome beer!  You guys can shop my look below!

I wasn’t able to link the jacket and shoes through LiketoKnowit but I did link some similar options and the jacket pictured which is from Zara! Here is the link! The best denim jacket ever!


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