New York Fashion Week!


Wow. What an amazing experience!

To say NYFW was a whirlwind would be an understatement! Let me break it down day by day the best I can.

DAY 1.

Day one want meant to be getting settled into our beautiful suite at The Benjamin Hotel NYC full of shows and a beautiful dinner. Needless to say it didn’t workout quiet as planned and we ended up in Rochester, New York!

After running out of fuel, diverting and being delayed we finally landed in NYC and hurried off to our beautiful hotel The Benjamin Hotel NYC and then raced to the stunning The Conrad Hotel  for a much needed dinner and drinks at the gorgeous ATRIO! We were treated like Queens and the food and service was beyond amazing! Here is a little peek at our yummy dinner!

Can anyone say Food Coma!

Huge Thank you to The Conrad Hotel for having us!

DAY 2.

We woke up in our beautiful suite to views like this!

Took full advantage of our beautiful bathroom…

We glammed up and  were off to a day full of meetings, shows and shooting.

We started the day of at Pologeorgis. A New York City Luxury Fur brand. This collaboration was a dream! Every part of our experience with Pologeorgis and their team was amazing. Especially the wonderful Marlene!

Here are some highlights from our first meeting at Pologoeorgis…


and some of my favorite looks from NYFW wearing Pologeorgis..

On this day we took our first trip to Spring Studios and the experience was surreal. If you watched my stories or check out the NYFW tab on my Instagram you can get a peak into what NYFW was like for this small town girl.

That night we headed off to the Black Panther movie release party hosted by Marvel studios! I have to thank Luxury Garage Sale for teaming up with us during NYFW and letting me wear this Balmain dress! I felt like a million bucks!

I also ran into a sweet friend of mine! Miss Maaliyah P.

We ended our night at an the awesome wine bar Entwine! Guys, the owners of this place are awesome. The food is good and the drinks are even better! So much fun.

Check out that gorgeous Alexander McQueen clutch from Luxury Garage Sale!

DAY 3.

Day 3 started of just a little rough, back at home Rafe had a little accident. As a mom it was my worst nightmare! Across the country with one of my babies hurt. Thankfully all ended up being well! We did a little Galentine’s day shoot and then were off to meeting and shows! Here are some of my favorite looks from Day 3!

Huge thank you to Christine and Mags (our awesome photog) for keeping me sane during a very emotional morning!


Can’t forget about the yummy late night snacks!

To see more on our stay at The Benjamin Hotel NYC check out this blog post NYFW with The Benjamin Hotel!

DAY 4.  Valentines Day!

This day ended up full of plans we didn’t end up making lol.

We started the day off with a hot date at the Federico Hair & Spa.

The amazing Marco gave me the hair of my dreams! We were starving and because you are always in a rush in NYC we had breakfast sent up from The National located on the bottom floor of the Hotel. It was amazing.  Friends feed friends right?! lol

We spent the rest of the day exploring and at Spring Studios and I was able to get my Ashes at the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral!  Here are some of my favorite shots from our last day in New York!




What we learned:

A car service is a must! Too many outfit changes for Ubering.

Nothing ever runs on time in NYC!

There really never are enough hours in the day in NYC! It’s truly a city that never sleeps!

NYFW is just as magical is I had hoped! 🙂

Until next time NYC…………..



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