At home Summer activities with the kids!

Summer is here!!! Woohoo!!


Summer is one of my favorite times of the year but lets be real here…… for momma’s everywhere it can be the most trying!

The days are long and the kiddos get bored.

With a soon to be 5 and 2 year old, I have to get creative with at home activities that keep the kiddos entertained and active. Here are some super easy and cost friendly ways I keep the kids occupied while trying to stay sane!

1.) Invest in a backyard pool!

If you don’t have an In-ground pool this blow up pirate pool with sprayer from Sam’s has been amazing!!!! Its one of the largest and most well made blow up pools I’ve ever seen. Not to mention it has a little couch in it. This is exactly where you can find me most of the summer! They have so many cute options like a giant flamingo! Oldest got to pick so we had to have the Pirate ship!


2.) Bubbles!

My kids are obsessed with bubbles. Im always buying them out of the dollar section at Target. Fubble Bubble Wand Bubbles are our favorite. When you go through bubbles as quick as us you know which ones are the best! lol

Rafe loves to play a game called bubble bat! I blow the bubbles and he chases them and pops them with his bat. lol This little game is sure to wear him out!

3.) Grow something! I do not have much of a green thumb but summer is the perfect time to teach your kiddos how to garden or a little responsibility with keeping a plant alive. It is a miracle we have kept this strawberry plant alive y’all! It has been a joy for Rafe to check up on and see the fruits of his labor. Literally. lol


4.) Water Balloons!

Not just any kind of water balloons but the best ever!!! The Zuru Bunch O Balloons!!! We are obsessed with these! I just want to say thank you to the smart person who invented these. They make life so much easier and water ballon fights a regular at our house. At the end of last summer I was able to snag them for $1 a pack! I racked up and was so pumped! 

5.) Wine!

It’s five o’clock somewhere right? lol I think I’ve said enough. oh and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Happy Summer everyone!

You can find me loving on the kiddos and hanging out in the kiddie pool all summer long!

Photo props to: Maggie Bradshaw Says

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