Lippies I can’t live without!

One of my most frequently asked questions I get on my Insta stories is, what lip are you wearing?!

I legit can’t go with out a lip product. Call me OCD or whatever but I have to feel like my lips are always moisturized! lol I am going to list below the lippies that are always in my car, purse and diaper bag!

When I am looking for a lip product it is usually matte. I feel like matte lip product make your teeth look whiter. On a daily basis I am usually wearing some kind of pinkish nude. The deepness of the nude color depends on how tan I am!

1.)  Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor! This drugstore lip is probably the one I wear the most! I swear this formula makes my lips look bigger and my teeth look whiter! I love how soft and creamy this formula is. It also has a really great long wear.

I wear the  darker color Forever when I have tan and the color Embrace when I am more fair.

2.) Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in the color Strip this is my go to nude. I love this formula because it’s a true liquid matte but not all crunchy and crackly like most! I’m wearing it here! But, the best thing about Colourpop is how insanely affordable their products are!

3.) Lets talk more Colourpop! I just love the Ultra Satin Lip formula so much!! My favorite true pinkish nude is their color Echo Park! I was able to link that one below in the shop this post section! If I’m looking for a deeper nude my go to is their shade 951! This is a big favorite with my clients!

Here is a link to get $5 dollars off your first order! BTW shipping is free when your order is over $30 dollars!

4.) NYX one of the easiest brands to pick up almost anywhere and most affordable! I am obsessed with their butter glosses! My favorite and most versatile go to colors are Triamasu, fortune cookie and creme brûlée! I have linked this below!

I also love their retractable liners! I always have the color Nude on hand. If that is a little dark for you…try the color Nude Pink!

This is my list of daily lippies that I just can’t live without!

I would love to hear if you try these lippies out and love them!

Tag me in your photos and use the #jseemakeup! I can’t wait to hear what you think!


J. See


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