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The Gym.

I call it my second home and our third child. My husband and I have a Sports Performance facility in Lake Charles, La. There is so much I want to tell you guys about what Maximum Kinetics Sports Performance is and how it came to be….but I will be saving that for another post that is coming very soon!

Now let me get to the girly stuff! lol

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen more than a few stories where I am throwing on makeup in the car before heading into the gym. I wear makeup to the gym most days because after workout I am usually there to handle business or leaving to go about the rest of my day and don’t want to have a completely bare face. Through trial and error I have found some products I love and that hold up well during my sweat shesh!

This is what you will find in my favorite Makeup Bag when headed to the gym!

1.) Foundation: My number one go to is currently the Bare Mineral Bare Pro performance wear foundation. This foundation is light weight and last! I use the liquid but this also comes in a compact powder formula as well!

Another one of my go-tos is the It cosmetics CC+ . This is great if you need extra SPF and want to knock out moisturizing at the same time! I love using this for the pool!

If you want something even more light weight and less coverage I would recommend the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Perfector .

2.)Eyebrows :  Here is an affordable eyebrow pencil you won’t sweat off! The Sephora Collection Waterproof Brow Pencil.

3.) Undereyes:  Some days I am a little lazy and don’t feel like going to the effort of putting on concealer and a setting powder. The Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer and Contour Palette has changed the game for me! The powders are super pigmented and buttery. One swipe of the color Halo or Enhance and your under eyes are brighter! This also helps keep your gym makeup bag small because the palette also contains bronzer and darker contour colors if you want to take those extra steps!

Oh and fyi! It smells like cookies! lol

After completing these three steps I usually throw on a little blush that is left over on my blush brush for a soft natural look and some of my favorite NYX butter Gloss!

This simple makeup look helps me feel confident in my skin and refreshed! Ready to kill it at workout and tackle the day!

You can find all the products I listed below!

xoxo J. See


Photo Credit: Clark Miller 

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