Halloween Makeup 2018

This Halloween was one for the books!

One rainy day while the kiddos were running around the house crazy I decided to attempt my first ever Halloween makeup look. It was a so fun to get creative in a way I hadn’t before. I was so nervous about posting my 1st ever Halloween look. My nerves were quickly turned into excitement when I saw just how much love and support this post was met with! I was inspired and decided to create 4 total looks. So thankful for my amazing hubs who kept the kiddos entertained while I had some time to work on a few of these!

Here are all 4 Halloween makeup looks and some of the key products I used to create them!

My 1st look ever! My version of a Glam skeleton. This post was reposted by Urban Decay and has 60,000 likes. I am still so in awe and feel honored to have been recognized by them!



and last but certainly not least here ate the two cutest looks of my Halloween 2018! Check out my sweet Peter Pan and Tink! 🙂

We will miss you Halloween! We can’t wait for next year!

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